First off the pipeline Sample emissions graphing using gnuplot

Worth sharing: we’ve taken some of the queries posted on the wiki sample SPARQL page  and made a graph. Hopefully some upcoming posts will refine this methodology. We’re looking to using gnuplot to automate month to month graph production.

Here’s a first look at the last month NO2 for the city centre (Oct-Nov 2014). Each line represents an hour of the day. You can see how the level rises and falls for the day as a whole, which seems to indicate that there is a degree of lag/stability in the levels.

NO2 Graph - Sheffield - October 2014


Ian Ibbotson

Open source developer and contributor working in libraries, local government, culture and learning.

2 Responses

  1. @tomstafford says:

    I made a graph

    It looks like the sensor pauses overnight. Is that right?

    • Danny Antrobus says:

      Ace! Thanks. And yep, we think there is an overnight pause, though we need to check exactly what’s going on there with the data owners over at Sheffield City Council.