About Us

We help people discover and realise the value of open data for their businesses and communities.

We are dedicated to [highlight]playful, practical and purposeful engagement[/highlight] with open data.

We work with citizens, businesses, public bodies and academic institutions to improve access to, demand for and quality of open data.

We help our collaborators and clients develop skills to become better with data and to generate new open data-driven insights that can catalyse cultural, societal and economic opportunities.

We use our solid technical capabilities, user focus and an iterative approach to delivery to turn those opportunities into reality.

We run regular civic meetups as Open Data Sheffield, one of the longest standing open data communities in the UK.

As ODI Sheffield – a city region node of the Open Data Institute – we promote world class open data innovation and knowledge sharing across the global open data network.

We’re open to data, and we’re open to new projects and partnerships. Get in touch to explore how we can help each other.

Together, we are [highlight]The Better With Data Society.[/highlight]