Author: Danny Antrobus

AQ+ Co-Design 2 - Datascape

AQ+ Co-Design 2: Insights from the Datascape

We turn our attention to the broader air quality datascape and how we might use dataset combinations to drive ideas for products and services, policy and campaign initiatives, public engagement and behaviour change activities.

Air Transformed - Glasses

Air Quality+ Artworks: Air Transformed

Air Transformed, one of three Air Quality+ art commissions, comprises two series of wearable objects based on open air quality data from Sheffield that communicate, in different ways, the physical burden of air pollution on the human body.

Exhausted Sound - Angle

Air Quality+ Artworks: Exhausted Sound

Exhausted Sound, one of three Air Quality+ art commissions, explores the connections between air quality, traffic and sustainable transport in the city through a sound and vision combo.