Author: Ian Ibbotson

Real-time Publishing to Socrata

This is the first of two posts that discuss the publishing of real time Air Quality data in Sheffield. In this post we’ll look at the technical specifics of where the data comes from, how it is processed and where it ends up. In the follow-up posting, we’ll consider some of the softer issues around this process.

Publishing Air Quality Data – Good Data, Well Published

How open data is published will make a significant difference to how accessible, extensible and reusable it is for data consumers. Technical design decisions taken in the AQ+ project help us to both improve the usefulness of open-ended continuous data streams and open up options to present data meaningfully to end users.

Industrial Permit Processing

Looking beyond air pollutant levels for AirQuality+ one promising avenue of research is the permits issued to organisations that govern the processing of pollutants. We’re working closely with the council on this dataset and one common interest is a visual map of permits in the region.

Linked Open Data for Air Quality+

We’re now serving up cleaner, near-realtime linked open data feed for Sheffield’s air quality sensor network. What do yo want to do with that?