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Educating Generation Open

Embedding open data in the mainstream education curriculum is a crucial step to raising data literacy, not just to plug the data science skills gap, but to give the next generation the language, confidence and motivation to engage with engaged citizenship.

Real-time Publishing to Socrata

This is the first of two posts that discuss the publishing of real time Air Quality data in Sheffield. In this post we’ll look at the technical specifics of where the data comes from, how it is processed and where it ends up. In the follow-up posting, we’ll consider some of the softer issues around this process.

Take the AQ+ Challenges

Join us through March and April for the AQ+ Hack & Play series to make something interesting, informative, insightful or just fun with air quality related open data. Prizes available for best visualisation, most viable product, best policy insight and best personal insight.

Exhibition: Art, Data & Quality of Air

Visit the Sheffield Institute of the Arts until 17 March to see our exhibition featuring Air Transformed and Exhausted Sound, artworks commissioned for the Air Quality+ project.