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Air Quality+ Launch Art Exhibition and Co-Design Series

Sheffield City Council has joined forces with social enterprise The Better with Data Society to launch Air Quality+, a project that will open up access to vast amounts of the city’s data that could hold the key to the Sheffield’s environmental, social and economic challenges.

The project is calling for people with an interest in air quality and related issues, such as public health, transport and cycling, to help put the newly opened up data to good use in a series of public co-design workshops.

Industrial Permit Processing

Looking beyond air pollutant levels for AirQuality+ one promising avenue of research is the permits issued to organisations that govern the processing of pollutants. We’re working closely with the council on this dataset and one common interest is a visual map of permits in the region.

Linked Open Data for Air Quality+

We’re now serving up cleaner, near-realtime linked open data feed for Sheffield’s air quality sensor network. What do yo want to do with that?