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Publishing Air Quality Data – Good Data, Well Published

How open data is published will make a significant difference to how accessible, extensible and reusable it is for data consumers. Technical design decisions taken in the AQ+ project help us to both improve the usefulness of open-ended continuous data streams and open up options to present data meaningfully to end users.

AQ+ Co-Design 1: Understanding the Air Quality Challenge

People from a wide range of organisations and interests joined the first Air Quality+ co-design workshop, exploring the potential uses of open data to understand, describe and address Sheffield’s air quality challenges and opportunities.

Take the AQ+ Challenges

Join us through March and April for the AQ+ Hack & Play series to make something interesting, informative, insightful or just fun with air quality related open data. Prizes available for best visualisation, most viable product, best policy insight and best personal insight.

AQ+ Co-Design 2 - Datascape

AQ+ Co-Design 2: Insights from the Datascape

We turn our attention to the broader air quality datascape and how we might use dataset combinations to drive ideas for products and services, policy and campaign initiatives, public engagement and behaviour change activities.